Uses for ContentKey

ContentKey offers your audience mobile and desktop access to speaker content, education and training materials, publications, videos, etc., in a simple app while providing a world class experience and protecting your intellectual property.

  • Provide your audience seamless access to content on mobile or desktop— even without wireless access. (It resides in cloud based 256 bit AES encrypted environment). Your speakers, trainers and authors can rest assured their material is not being shared or  copied.
  • Secure your revenue by only allowing people who paid for content to have the ability to view it
  • Enhance your events using this simple and secure mobile app
  • Maximize profits by managing the right combination of print and digital content— reduce the need for printing stations at events, printed copies, DVD’s, or flash drives.
  • Update content up to the last minute!
  • Monitor content usage via amazing statistics on who is viewing each piece of content, how often, how long and on what devices (marketers dream)

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