Club Managers Association of America decided we wanted to go paperless for all session handouts, eliminate on site printing stations and offer a simple mobile and desktop app to our attendees. ContentKey was the perfect solution for us in addition to managing all speaker content it also offered a place for sponsor ads and for members to write notes and have ongoing access to view each session’s content after the event.

It worked perfectly! We also now have excellent data due to ContentKey usage reports to see who has viewed each session, for how long, and on what devices.

Club Managers Association of America

Our attendees and speakers for the Georgetown University 2014 Continuing Legal Education Programs have been very pleased with the course materials we offer through ContentKey. We now receive many compliments regarding the materials, and our staff members now have 15% or more of their time available to handle more pressing issues.

Customer service support has definitely exceeded our expectations. Very impressive! We look forward to working with the ContentKey team on our upcoming programs.

Georgetown University