How it Works

How it Works

  • ContentKey app is available in iTunes and google play stores or as an app download onto PC’s or Macs via a link that would be sent to your audience.
  • Viewers gain access by an email that is sent after you give them approval to view whatever it is you are giving them. The email contains instructions and simple login information.
  • Viewers login and have access to all content that you provide to them
  • ContentKey is 256 bit AES encrypted with some of the tightest security and encryption available today


Technical Product Overview

Cloud-based, enterprise class, mobile content management platform and digital rights management security platform.

  • Provide Digital Rights Management (DRM) in a secure (256 bit AES) environment.
  • Easy reader and document download
  • Multiple file types – HTML5, Video, Audio, PDF, MS Office, etc.
  • Cross Platform – iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac
  • Software as a service (SaaS) provides lower cost of entry
  • Provides user tracking, surveys and PDF annotation capabilities